Current API version: 1.1.2
Table of Contents:
Resource Description
GET biobanks?{parameters} Search for biobanks
GET biobanks/{id} Retrieve biobank by id
POST biobanks This request requires authorization. Create a biobank
PATCH biobanks/{id} This request requires authorization. Modify an existing biobank
GET biobanks/materials Show list of all valid biobank material codes
GET institutions?{parameters} Search for institutions
GET institutions/{id} Retrieve institution by id
GET persons?{parameters} Search for persons
GET persons/{id} Retrieve person by id
GET projects?{parameters} Search for projects
GET projects/{id} Retrieve project by id
POST projects This request requires authorization. Create a project
PATCH projects/{id} This request requires authorization. Modify an existing project
GET projects/participants/roles Show all valid project participant roles (role codes)
GET units/{id} Retrieve unit by id

GET biobanks?{parameters} GET biobanks?{parameters}

GET biobanks/{id} GET biobanks/{id}

POST biobanks POST biobanks

PATCH biobanks/{id} PATCH biobanks/{id}

GET biobanks/materials GET biobanks/materials

GET institutions?{parameters} GET institutions?{parameters}

GET institutions/{id} GET institutions/{id}

GET persons?{parameters} GET persons?{parameters}

GET persons/{id} GET persons/{id}

GET projects?{parameters} GET projects?{parameters}

GET projects/{id} GET projects/{id}

POST projects POST projects

PATCH projects/{id} PATCH projects/{id}

GET /projects/participants/roles GET /projects/participants/roles

GET units/{id} GET units/{id}